… Madly in Love with Shorts …

Although i’m not wearing shorts often but i truly love shorts. I only have 3 shorts in my closet and two of them not even ever worn. Not because i don’t like it but i live in a tight neighborhood which had a hidden rule that married woman should dress politely.

I cannot wear shorts because i don’t want every eyes bug out on me like a freak. So i decided to keep it on another occasion that may allow me to dress like myself.

Okay, back to shorts. The thing that i adore from shorts is the fun side. When you put your shorts, in a snap of a finger your appearance looks younger. Shorts is suitable with various kinds of tops like blazer, t-shirt, blouse and tank top. 

Nowadays, shorts evolve in a massive way. Shorts not only wearable in relax occasion but also formal occasion. Just add some bling bling jewelry and high heels and you ready to go. This is some of guidance to wear a shorts. I will divided into 2 parts : thigh shorts and knee length.

Thigh Short

Knee Length

Make sure every time you wear a shorts, shave your legs first.. Have fun..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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