.. Letter for Sheba .. #latepost


Thursday, 21 November 2013
At my office

Dear Sheba,

This is the first time I wrote a letter for you, my precious one, and a gift from Jesus.
You are my first born, Sheba. The meaning of your name is “God’s Promise”. Yes, you are God’s promise for me and your dad because we’ve been waiting for you almost 4 years. Me and your father receive you as a present from God because we already overcome a big storm, and both of us were succeed to make it together. Me and your father are truly soul mate, so no matter how big the storm was, we will conquer it together.

My baby Sheba, I know you will come to our life in the right time. We’ve been praying for you every day, whether we were praying together or apart. But we know that someday you will come. So on July 2013, I’ve become a mother. It was an emotional moment for me because I know you already inside my tummy about 2 months. I cried during ultrasound and I heard your heartbeat for the first time, it was the fastest heartbeat that I ever heard. You are growing, I still cannot imagine.
I visit you monthly, and I saw you progress. Even the doctor was showed me your smiling face. I know you gonna be like your dad. Your nose is so high, your face is so cute and small, and you will be a happy and easygoing baby.

The doctor predicts that you will be born on March 2014 and he doesn’t confirm 100% yet whether you are a boy or a girl but I believe you’re a gonna be a big present for our family, no matter what sex you are. I already prepare a name for your, both of it and I leave some of name’s spot for your grandparents to involve.

If you are a boy, your name will be: Elsheba Cecilio
If you are a girl, your name will be: Elisheba Loemongga

El/Eli means God, Sheba means Promise.
Cecilio means Sixth Child. Despite the meaning, actually your father is a huge fan of Godfather story from Mario Puzo that the main character is from a place in Italia named Sisilia.
Loemongga means wide, you can relate it into wider of wisdom, wider of knowledge, kindness and many good things from life. This name also used by the Princess of Bataknese.

Your name has the same root with your grandmother from my side, Elisabeth/Elizabeth and Isabella. Both of those names are more familiar than your name, but that is the main point from your name. It is a rare name, meaningful, unisex and beautiful.

I love you, no matter what. And I will provide you comfortness, I will protect you, teach you and give you acknowledge about the world living with compassion. Thank you, Jesus.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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