… March, Here We Go …


February, 25 / 2014

I never thought that March is gonna be the month that I’ve been waiting for in my entire life. Usually in March, I celebrate my lovely cousin birthday, Mericka @ March 3rd, and my young brother, Jonathan @ March 17th.

But now, March will be the month when my first baby will be born. I don’t know exactly what date she’s gonna be delivered but that date is gonna be the special date for me and my husband. Now I almost 9 months pregnant, and the end of this week I’m gonna be 36 weeks pregnant.

I’ve been through ups and down during my pregnancy but most of all it was all the joy that dominate. Like all mother to be had, I’ve had back pain, swollen feet, heartburn, fatigue, itchy, and many more. But the most enjoyable moments of course when your baby is moving around your tummy and you can feel the kick. It was amazing thing on earth that could possibly happen in humans life.

I also eat what I want, yuppp eat what I want since my appetite risen up. I ate pasta, chicken, fish, and many more. But the most favorite of meal during pregnancy is Sop Kambing and Tongseng. It actually traditional soup of Betawi’s ethnic in Indonesia that contain cholesterol 🙂 I didn’t it often because I aware of the cause, but I listed it as my fave dinner. I like spicy food, sometimes I do had a problem with my tummy afterwards.

Everyday, I drank milk and soya milk. I like milk so much, i could drink it everyday. Sometimes I combine it with fresh juice. I also like snack with contain sweetness like chocolate, cake, and cookies.

Last time I checked, I gain weight about 12 kilograms which absolutely normal but I guess during my last week of pregnancy, I gain more weight again. My baby also – last time USG – was 2,3 kilos. So I think she’s gonna be larger than this when she’s born. Maybe around 3 or 3,5 kilos.

So this is the update picture of my last pregnancy (random order):

6 months
dy xmas

8 months

7 months
C360_2014-01-17-11-32-14-070[1]Camera 360

from 4 – 8 months

8 months

8 months

7 months

Thank you God, Jesus for everything.. I love you..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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