…I Found My Way Back Home…

Medan, July 22, 2013

So glad to be back writing..
I’ve been through a lot since the beginning of this year, and mostly was a hard time. But honestly i didn’t regret for everything that already happen in my life because it happened for a reason..

All the things that already happen was a very good leason for my life and for my future. Now, i just want to say i’m glad to be back home. Where my heart belong, where my true love is and where honesty rely.

Mistake doesn’t have to be blamed, because nobody’s perfect. The master plan is “Learn from mistake”, right? i learn a lot and i learn from the best : Experience. So i could see from whole angle and point of view. I make myself not easy to judging people and learn from they side. if they ask for my opinion then i will start to talk. No pushing somebody to be like me, eventhough we hardly want to protect the one we love. Sometimes the way other people living is different with ours, so let it be written in another way.

Sometimes we must accept that there’s just a time when we’re just a friend or only a silent spectator. Take it or leave it. They will find they own way back home, like i already did.

So greatful and thankful for what i did since it was the right option. And thank you for my husband cos he’s the one who make me strong. He is a God sent and i am so lucky to have him. Feel luckier and luckier to have him beside me. Now i know, wise decision from a mistake always lead us to a place we called HOME. God bless you all..

Ledy Smanjuntak


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