… Long Ago …

Do you ever felt that you just want to be kid again? Don’t have to think much about the future, money, girlfriend/boyfriend, or whatever matters in this world? All you want to do was having fun, making friends as much as you can, making mistakes that you always repeat all the time, doing your hobby only, and sometimes you really curious about something whether it was a knowledge or just about life in general.

Well, i want to go back to that moment. Why? Because sometimes my brain, my heart, and my life lost its joy. Joy to have some fun and grab all the things i want. I know it is selfish but that’s what kids do right.. But, i know it’s already long time ago. A moment which is i cannot go back.. The moment i just only could see and remember from the future, think about it and laugh about it. Suddenly, my old mistakes become something laughable. Yup, laughable..

Do i regret with everything that i ever done? Nope.. Because God itself write for me. I hope you not regret it as well, cus HE created the best. We all winners even before we were born. Only one single sperm could grow a baby and it is US. We were born, grow and alive until now because we are picked as a winners. Hmmm, I know it is really hard for me now to have a baby, but i do not regret it. He has plan for me, right? Looking back is fine, but blaming myself because of worst thing that happen to me not in my dictionary.

Just lean on to someone that you love and you care, because love never failed. Do not let yourself alone in the darkness in such a long time, cus it’s just not healthy. I’ve been through it and i believe billion of people experience the same. I believe that a thought could lost its logic, logic could lost its mind, mind could lost its heart, heart could lost its soul, soul could lost a life, and life could lost something very precious called hope and faith.

I believe in magic because i see Jesus as a miracle. He is a magical and also a miracle. How do you think love could be in this world if its not because of something magical?

Ledy Simanjuntak

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