… It’s Easy but It Could be Hard …

Life is never offering you an easy way to live. You have to struggle, and in between you have to mix it with a touch of prayers, hopes and dreams. Our brain is created to make everything easy, through our mind and knowledge, life could be a lot of easier than we thought. So why to make it harder than it seems?

So this is my life recently, with a few hard problems that i’ve been through. But through good combination of brain and heart, i know everything will be okay. Setting yourself free is also let your mind free. Somehow, one beautiful sin sometimes happened for a reason. Enjoy and preparing every single worst thing that could be happen in your life. It means that you already grown up. Welcome to my easy world then..

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Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. Fendi haris says:

    yes i agree with this posting,, 🙂

    1. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

      Thank you..

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