… Boot-ylicous …

I know i never put my own pictures to show my kinda style. The reason is because i don’t have time to take a picture (since i always use an uniform all day long) and enough tools to make it. Maybe someday i should buy my dream camera, Canon 600D or 650D. Soon everybody.

But to fulfill my needs, i have my fave fashion site, net-a-porter.com which is enough to describe my sense of style. Right now i want to talk about my deepest passion for boots. Yeah, boot shoes that hardly to wear in Indonesia, since we don’t have cold weather to conquer. But everytime i go to shoe shop, boots are always capture my eyes. There’s masculine yet feminine energy on those boots that i obsessed.

Basically i like boots that can be wear with any types of style : tomboy, girly, chic, workwear, formal occasion or otherwise. It happen to be occur right now i adore ankle boots. Someday i will wear it just for hanging around with my families and friends.







all pictures are courtesy of net-a-porter.com

Ledy Simanjuntak


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