… Failed Double Date LoL Day 1…

I’m home.. Yes, after a while i’ve been away from the city to escape with my husband, but we were not alone cos our good friend, Andi Cristop and wife also joined just to “accidentally ruin” our honeymoon hahaha. I’ve been in Singapore for 4 days 3 nights, not too long but not too short either. Thank God our sweet friend, Putri already booked our honeymoon “suite” so we don’t have to be stranded looking for unoccupied motel. Even so, we forgot to ask the address of 5footway inn, what a stupid thing to do. I let you know on detail below.

I cannot sleep the night before the boarding time. Just closed my eyes for 4 hours and had to get up early 4 AM in the morning. First plan of being picked up by Gendut a.k.a Andi Cristop was totally failed. He and his wife got up late so we have to go by ourself to the airport. Thank God i kept our tickets altogether.

Got the morning flight to Singapore at 7.20 AM. Boarding was smooth until we arrived at Changi Airport. It was a short air trip since i often have to be in the air about 2 hours from Jakarta-Medan or otherwise. So for me it was a short trip, but anynow Tiger Airways still gave food service like giving all the passengers candy and nuts. Arrived at Changi Airport was a blast for me. I love the details of the airport and how friendly it is. It’s been a long time i haven’t seen this kind of kilter.

We arrived at 10.20 AM (1 hour forward) and heading towards to immigration to complete the regulation things. But the problem was what should we do after we pass the immigration? Nobody’s gonna pick us up so we have to figure it out by ourself how to get to Bugis Area. But i guess for those of you who new to visit one country like Singapore, you don’t have too much worried because they already built an integrated mass transportation that connected from one area to another.

Just out from the exit door and then pointing to the left, we shall found the entrance of MRT Station which is located in basement. At first we got confused how to get to the MRT, but for newcomers, just buy a one way ticket at general ticket machine provided at the corner of the station. The price was cheap, from Changi Airport to Bugis Area around 3 Dollar Singapore (SGD).

Experimenting ride in a MRT was a comfortable moment for me. Inside, i just pray that someday Indonesia could build and MRT like this to reduce density. 3 words to describe MRT : fast, cheap and cozy. The direction was also crystal clear, even we caught up in the wrong place as long as inside the terminal, we’ll be fine. People are rushing everywhere as if they were always in hurry, individualist, yet polite and stay friendly when people asking direction. We don’t have to worry with theft, robbery, or public crime which is often happen in our country.

We were heading to 5footway Inn located at Bugis Area. Simple stupidity of ours was we didn’t know the address and direction from MRT Bugis to our motel. Eventually, we were busy asking people where our motel was and only few people could inform us well. We were walking and walking accross the street with heavy backpack. It turns out 5footway Inn located at Aliwal Street, 15 minutes by walking from Bugis MRT, 7 minutes from Nicoll Highway. We reached the motel quite early so we have to return at the afternoon.

1 dormitory room with 4 bunk beds per night was 76 SGD, so per person will be charged 19 SGD/person/night around Rp 150.000 . Very cheap, exactly.. The room has inside bathroom and electricity socket for each bed. This motel created for backpacker and budgeted tourist. It has free breakfast including milo, cappucino, latte, and breads. I recommend this motel for its cheap price, cleanliness and location. If you want to stay at this hotel as well, better stop at Nicoll Highway rather than Bugis station. It’s closer.

We were so tired since we got up so early in the morning, so we decided to take a nap to recharge energy to have a journey at night. 4 hours later, it’s time to shoppinggggg.. I cannot wait exploring the city at night. Oh yeah, i forgot to inform y’all the theme of my backpacking, Travel in Style. So i bought my most comfortable clothes to complete my days during holiday. So far, i love it the result so much.

For first date night, the master plan was to have a dinner around Sultan Mosque and make a trip around Bugis Area which is included walking down the road along Victoria St. I wore a comfortable cullotes by Most, undershirt by YSL, flat shoes by Bata. Don’t forget that i am obsessed with red lips, so i put it on just to rock on. We’re having a dinner at Kampong Glam cafe around Arab Street facing the Sultan Mosque. It provides 2 kinds of food service, A la Carte and Buffet. Both served Malayan and Indonesian’s menu such as sayur lodeh, tumis tauge, gulai ayam, etc. But the problem is the taste was so average since Indonesia has the most delicious food of all countries in the world (for me). But i’m pretty sure for foreigners it will be new adventure of flavor. That night, i ate rice with tumis tauge and gulai ayam with teh tarik, cost me about 3 SGD. Pretty cheap as the four of us promised to each other not to have meal cost than 5 SGD.

I have a weakness for shopping, my husband noted that very much. But i am a smart shopper regarding to price. That night we’re heading towards Bugis mall named Bugis Junction but eventually we ended up at Bugis Street which is a cheap market that provides a lot of Singapore’s merchandise at the ground floor and quite nice boutique at higher floor. I bought 20 keychain about 10 SGD, 4 cute bags about 10 SGD, 2 cute dress about 10 SGD. The one thing i regret -until now- after leave Bugis Street is i didn’t buy John Lennon’s spectacles frame which is cost only 15 SGD. Soon i have to buy it since it was way too cute to wear.

We were pretty long enough to spend time at Bugis Area. The clock showed it is almost midnight and we have to take a walk heading to our motel. There’re still a lot of journey for tomorrow. Since i was -unofficially – appointed to become a navigator, i chose to go to Esplanade, Marina Bay, Merlion Park, Orchad Road, and Little India. We also planned to meet with our sweet friend, Putri to have a dinner.

So see you for Day 2..


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    foto-fotonya keren euy! 🙂

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