… Melodic Soundtrack …

Still have the euphoria from my previous post about music, but now i want to relate it into movies since i am a movie freaks. Something challenging when we watch a movie without music. Eventually, music become a major factor to make a movie rated good or bad. I assume good music doesn’t have to have a good video or movie, but good movie must have been supported by a good score.

Watching musical movies is one of my favorite thing. For example, i collecting Glee DVD start from Season 1 until Season 3, i also love watching High School Musical, Sister Act and similar genres. The reason why i love music so much because i grew up on it. Learn how to sing from my family heritage basically one thing i know for sure since i was little.

The funny thing is oftenly i cannot avoid tears dropped from my eyes everytime i listen to beautiful song ever written for great movies. Since i always love making a list for my readers, here is some of the music i love to hear upon a movie.


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