… Popcorn for this Week …

This week i watched several movies that i guess will be interesting to spend the night. I always buy 10 DVD’s for a week, i am addicted to movies, thanks for my dad. Last night i watched Hunger Games and IT WAS BORING ! Common, that movie is lack of action plot. I expect something more. Thank God i didn’t watch it in theater. It will be wasting my time and money for sure.

But before Hunger Games, i give a good credit for other movies with the score good and awesome movie. When i buy a movie, i don’t care whether its new movie or old one. I just choose what i think its good. Not all new movies i shall watch, sometimes some old movies that i already saw long time ago captured me again.

So, here is the movies i watched for this week:

1. What to expect when you’re expecting. Score : 8

2. Forrest Gump. Score : 9,5

3. The Avengers. Score : 8,5

4. Kungfu Chef. Score : 8,5

5. Dark Shadows. Score : 8

6. Country Strong. Score : 8

7. All The President’s Men. Score : 9

8. The Lucky One. Score : 8,5

9. The Hunger Games. Score : 6,5

10. Bourne Legacy. Score : 8

Good movie makes your imagination up high..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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