… My Kind of Workwear …

If i could describe my style in 3 words it would be : Simple. Masculine. Sexy.

Since i am a working wife, i usually used a workwear outfit. Unfortunately, working in hospitality industry,  i cannot explore much to my fashion. Everyday working outfit is black blazer, black skirt, white blouse/tanks (sometimes i substitute it with black color), black stocking and brown bag. What a boring way to wear, right but i should do it. So let’s take some 0f my few imagination of fashion.

How about i imagine what kind of my outfit would be related to the profession i sign up. I’ve been working at 3 kinds of industries : Media, Shopping Mall and Hotel. Those type of work requires different kinds of fashion. Pity me, 2 of my previous job forced me to wear uniform. I think it might be cool if i wear this:

Media : Outfit should express dynamic, edgy, free and compact. 

Marketing Communication : Stylish, Edgy, Cool, and Comfortable

Public Relation : Chic, Monochrom, Feminine, and Professional

Probably it would be very nice if i could wear those outfits. I love it !! Just for a glance, this is my workwear which is should be improved LoL. Here’s in random order.


Ledy Simanjuntak


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    1. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

      Thank you..

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