… Backpack to the Neighbor ..

Hubby and me (kinda) commit to take backpacking trip – at least – once in a year. Both inside and outside the country, no matter where is it as long as we could escape from the city that we lived. Last year in September, we hang out in Penang and Kuala Lumpur about 4 days. Now our plan is to hang around in Singapore from October 12 – 15.

Initially we wanted to go in September to celebrate my 28th birthday, but the plan keep changing because the airline price became so cheap in October, like half price. One person only IDR 900.000 already in return (around US 100/person).

So before we bought the ticket, we share our plan with our dearest friend, Andi Cristop and wife. They decided join us to have a double date with us in Singapore. I think it will be so much fun hanging out with them since i was the youngest and i feel secure around them.

Since i’ll be going with old people – hahahaha – they kinda lazy to find out interesting thing there, especially the fat one, Andi Cristop. He said, “I just follow where you guys want to go.” How lazy.. So i try to browse on my own, start from the cheap accommodation, interesting and unique place to take a photos, flea market (its a must) and delicious food. I’m still listing until now.. Believe me, its not gonna be short list because i’m a perfectionist. I have to trust my insting according to listing.First step is accommodation listing. 1 or 2 star hotel is the only place that we could afford. Hey, we are backpacker not a jet setter. We plan to stay in the same room or at least superior double bed. Our budget is under SGD 100/night.

Here my top 20 hotel/hostel that have a superior double bed or dormitory room :

1. Backpacker @SG, start SGD 26 for dormitory 4 beds, King George Ave area

2.  5Footway Inn @ Chinatown, start SGD 40 for 4 mixed dorm, Chinatown Area

3. Ariana Hotel, start SGD 80 for Double Room, Little India Area

4. Grand U Hotel, start SGD 79 for Superior Double Room, Little India Area

5. JJ Boutique Apartment, start SGD 80 Standard Double Room, Geylang Area

6. New Happy Hotel, start SGD 65 Standard Double Room, Geylang Area

7. Backpacker Inn Chinatown, start SGD 25 for Dormitory 4 beds, Chinatown Area

8. Fragrance Hotel – Sapphire , start SGD 110 Family Room (SGD 27.5/person/night), Geylang Area

9.  Echon Inn @Chinatown, start SGD 27 for Domitory Room 4 beds, Chinatown Area

10. Hotel 81 Palace, start SGD 68 Standard Double Room, Geylang Area

11. Mitraa Inn, start SGD 35 for Dormitory 4 bedroom, Serangoon Road Area

12. Bunc Hostel, start SGD 60 Large size Double Bed Dorm, Little India Area

13. Fragrance Hotel Emerald, start SGD 70 Superior Double or Twin Room, Geylang Area

14. Hotel 81 Opera, start SGD 126.60 Family Room, East Coast Area

15. Amrise Hotel, start SGD 59.48 Standard Double Room, Geylang Area

16. Hotel 81 Lucky, start SGD 67.97 Standard Double Room, Geylang Area

17. Zenobia Hotel, start SGD 79 Standard Double Room or SGD 109 Triple Room, Little India Area

18. Hotel 81 Geylang, start SGD 135.95 Family Room (SGD 34/person), Geylang Area

19. The Fragrance Hotel, start SGD 70 Superior Double Bed or SGD 119.64 Family Room (SGD 29.91/person), East Coast Area

20. Hotel 81 Classic, start 135.10 (SGD 33.75/person) Family Room, East Coast Area

Okay, i think i have to narrow it into top 5. Which hotel do you think we should stay? Any suggestion and recommendation? I’m open for any review. I think i will discuss it with hubby and besties. Hope we choose the best hotel as possible.

See you on the next review..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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