… Crazy for Online Shop …

This couple of days i was wasting my time in front of online shop. Nope, i didn’t buy anything yet, but i signed up for everything. I search only for Indonesia online shop so if i have money, i will buy it. Right now, i’m just looking for the best affordable product and serve style of fashion that i like.

First time that i saw from online shop is the web design. I chose the clean one, with one tone of background color, no matter it is white, black or other color. White is the most common color that they used. And then i assess the layout of pictures and information. I like clear and simple organization between pic and price. Picture is the most tempting part of all. I will have no doubt to put the clothes into my shopping bag/cart if the picture is good.

So last one of course the price. It is the king of choices. If the clothes is good but the price too high, go to hell. The point of online shop is have to be cheap and affordable. Even your website provide original products like LV, Prada, Gucci, etc i still don’t buy it. I’m looking for the reachable price tag. So here are the chart online webstore that i like and already signed up. The best part was i already filled my shopping cart.

1. Cotton Ink

I love this site because it is clean, chic, clear and cheap (4C)

2. Scallope

3. Kivee Shop

4. Cloth Inc

5.  13th Shoes

6. Zalora

7. Berrybenka

8. Vogamoda

9. Mineola

10. Minimal

I hope i give you some good reference. So happy shopping guys..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. The Indonesian e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and players such as Berrybenka, Hijabenka, Shopdeca, Zalora & etc continue to bring out exclusive deals and offers . But however, due to large number of offers and deals, we really miss some exclusive good-ones as they’re purposefully not made public so as to limit the number of purchasers. In such scenarios, coupons and deals sites come to our rescue.

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