… Classic Retro Home with Vintage Touch …

When you wanna build a house, what kind of house you want to have? Minimalist, Victorian, Mediteranian, or what? Recently me and my husband kinda agree to have a classic retro home with touch of vintage wood. I don’t know exactly when we gonna have the house of our own, but at least we have a plan, right?!

So what is classic retro home with vintage touch? What kind of furniture that we have to use? I still have the same question until now, just to make sure me and him have the same perception about it. Lately, hubby found interesting second hand wood store and he become friend with the owner so sometimes we got special price. We already bought 3 furnitures vintage item : 3 doors clothes wardrobe, medium drawer and mini table.

The owner refurnished the items without making it less vintage. And then we also have a close friend named Andi Cristop who is crazy enough to brought us his vintage junk that he “stole” from his grandma house (without any permission). He brought us 3 vintage furnitures : working table, book drawer and single chair. He charged us less than 1 million rupiah, but we have to refurnish it. Hubby already furnished the table by himself and the single chair in the sofa workshop, last item only book drawer.


Actually classic and vintage furniture is the most easiest thing to found because it was everywhere, but the problem is the price is too high. There will never be a exact price for vintage furniture, so you have to overlook to second hand store or maybe your grandma’s house. The fun part is when you got the old and ugly furniture then you rebuild and refurnished it and see how it goes. These are some example of classic vintage decoration for home :

Using these kind of vintage furniture to add your classic home vibe (PS: Look at those furniture legs, real vintage)

My favorite interior Designer who come up with vintage style is Nate Berkus. He brings up the light of vintage touch with a twist of modernity. I always look up for what his done and taken his inspirational design to my home.

I hope i could explore more about this, but i don’t wanna make it too long. Go get yourself drown in classic retro home with vintage touch.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. Halo Kak Ledy…
    Udah beberapa bulan ini jadi silent reader, baru sekarang brani comment. hehehe…
    Aku baru pindahan ke medan. Sempet woro-wiri sekitar medan untuk nyari perabot dan dekorasi rumah. Awalnya pengen vintage retro. lalu suami pengen urban minimalis. Eh belakangan pengen Shabby chic, ala cottage di Inggris tahun 1980-an. I love furniture so much. Nyari2 di medan till drop gak ketemu juga sesuai dgn yg dicari. akhirnya pesen dari surabaya (Toraya Living), harga murmer dibandingkan toko furniture ala shabby chic yang ada di medan. Kak Ledy ada rekomendasi toko furnitur yang terjangkau kah di medan..? thank you… 🙂

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