… My Morning Tears for MJ …

Today, when i open my laptop and review my post yesterday, i watched Joyful Noise soundtrack, Man in the Mirror. It was my ultimate and everlasting song from Michael Jackson for me in person. I couldn’t help listening that song without goose bumps because of the magic in the song. And then i realized that this month is already three years after his death. I watch videos about him and his children on You Tube and i cannot resist tears in my eyes. I idolized Michael since i was little. My mom oftenly caught me in my room listening to his music over and over again with his pin-up in my hand.

I collect every single piece of him, from all of his albums, Laser Disc, VCD, posters, pin-up and stories. Michael said in one interview that if he have to choose one superhero, he wants to be like Mystique X-Men so he could transfigure into someone else. What he mean by this actually already he did in his video, because he transformed into someone that he wants to be. He act in his video and it was brilliant. I love watching his videos and i would like to share some of his videos that always be everlasting. I think it wouldn’t be enough space to give him a credit for all of his songs, since it was so many songs that become memorable.

Credit video from Michael Jackson Vevo

Sometimes through my terrible times, i heard You’re Not Alone and i cried. I don’t know why. For a kid, i don’t even know the meaning of the lyrics. I just mermerized with his song and how good he sang. As i grew up still listening his music, i know he’ve been truly honest with his music. He told the world what he felt through lyrics and he touched so many people including me. And today, this morning after morning briefing, i have tears in my eyes watching Michael Memorial Service three years ago, especially when other artist sang his song. It was more and more beautiful after he’s gone.

Michael, i know you’re gone but somehow you’re still here with us watching from above celebrating your music. I want to dedicate a song from Michael “She’s Out Of My Life” that i recorded in You Tube last year. Michael, this is for you !

Ledy Simanjuntak


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tu2t widhi says:

    MJ always sing from his heart.. no matter what kind of gossips that he got, how hard his life was, he’s still the best.. the one and only person that deserve “King Of Pop” title. btw, beautiful voice dy.. ^^

  2. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

    Tutut, its already three years ago since his death.. Still miss his voice though.. How about you come to Medan and we have a karaoke together playing his songs? Sound’s nice right.. Thank you for the compliment dear..

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