.. Ledy’s Update ..

Welcome July,

Can you imagine that this month already JULY.. Damn !! I remember 6 months ago i was in Bali with my cousin, Icka.. Playing around in the beach and banging our head listening to the out loud music every single night. And now, I’m writing this update sitting in my office thinking what i’m gonna say.

Well, okay July so that’s it. Since January – June, there’s nothing to special about me. Just working working and working. Sometimes i just forgot that i’m a human, not a robot. Beside spend almost my time working, i still addicted to movies. I watched so many movies in 1 month, maybe around 10 movies. The most favorite movies that i like is Joyful Noise starring Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, Jeremy Jordan and Dolly Parton. It was great movie about music and gospel worship. Since i was member of gospel choir back in Bandung, Glorify The Lord Ensamble, you cannot imagine how i miss singing with a bunch of people that have a same passion into music.

I was fascinated with the soundtrack. It was brilliant, modern, youthful yet funky. Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan was insane, the chemistry that they ‘ve had each other was very cool. Gosh, i miss singing for Jesus !! Watch out their adorable soundtrack : Man In The Mirror, I’m Yours, Higher Medley.

Other movies that i like were The Amazing Spiderman, The Vow, Footloose, Breaking Dawn and my fave TV Series, Glee. Whitney Houston’s episode was epic for me and it was a tribute to the Diva as well. Love the arrangement of How Will I Know with the quartet Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Mercedes.

Of course all of Taylor Kitsch’s movies also been my favorite but i don’t want to talk much about him since i already did in my previous post. Still have to watch his TV Series, Friday Night Lights though.

Okay then back to my story. Recently i was invited again from US Consulate in Medan to sang USA and Indonesia National Anthem for the second time. It was a honor to get back to sing in front of great people that i barely know. Got so much appreciation for Indonesian people who sing other country national anthem. I hope i could make it again next year and create an opportunity in singing.

See you guys soon..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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