.. Obsessed with Taylor Kitsch ..

I don’t know why but maybe i’m cursed with beardy and long haired kinda man. Yup, i notice since i was in high school, boys with natural born bad-ass look was captured me. So, here i am, talking about it again for million times about beardy man. Lately, i watched 4 movies starring one man that seems to get my attention, Taylor Kitsch. For those of you who haven’t heard about him, he played in Bang Bang Club, X-Men : Wolverine, John Carter and Battleship.

I watched his movies simultaneously for the last 3 months in 2012. He is everywhere, man ! I think 2012 is his year. He was born in Kelowna, British Colombia, near Vancouver with his single mother, 2 older brothers, and 2 younger half sister. Before he start in movie industry, he was a junior ice hocker player for the Langley Hornets, and because of knee injury, he ended his path becoming professional hockey player.

Long story short, Kitsch started his career in big budget movie in 2006 : John Tucker Must Die, Snake of The Plane, and The Covenant. I remember when i watched The Covenant, it was dark magic movie about super power, just like Harry Potter in cool and sexy way i guess. I didn’t even notice that Taylor was in it, because he’s not the main role. Then, i watched his other 4 movies that i mentioned earlier. Actually the best attention that I have from him in his movie was X-Men : Wolverine. He played as Gambit and it was captured in my head. His acting was not rated for Oscar for sure, but this is more to his appearance and personality.

If you guys watched him in the movie, i bet you locked up with his bariton voice. So deep and low. I bet he could success as a country singer if only he could sing.. hehehe.. Again, in Wolverine he’s not to prominent. Then he came with more “visible” version inn Bang Bang Club, i mean is he had a lot of dialog there. Same with The Covenant and Wolverine, Kitsch’s character in Bang Bang Club as Kevin Carter has long hair, which is more suitable for him.

After seeing and observing, i guess i do admire him as an actor. I found him very humble and gentleman in each interviews. I’m not trying to make over the top correlation actually, but a person that i like that has beard, long hair (even not always has long hair) is seems to be a humble person and smart as well. Is it have a connection between that two? Hahahaha i guess not. But i found that theory for myself. Ben Barnes and Taylor Kitsch is on that list.

Not every actor i put my attention to, because i bet there’s so many actor out there that have a great ability as an actor, but failed as a human or person.  To convincing my self, my husband is one humble human that i ever known. He has a beard also, and i do love his beard. I know it silly, but heyyy.. people do have their own theory basically because of their experience right.

So back to Taylor Kitsch, before he famous playing role on the big screen, he was known as Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights. I never seen this television series before, so i think i must look over my DVD’s subcription sellers. It’s a must ! His character is attached to bad-ass guy, but not antagonist or the evil one. When i review back his characters in all of his movies, actually he never be a bad guy that actually the opposite character of the good guy in the film. Even in his last movie called “Savages”, yes indeed he kill people, using drugs and guns but it doesn’t mean that he is the devil. I wish he could explore his ability to create more character on his role, instead of just doing a “hero” things like saving someone from bad situation : X-Men Wolverine, John Carter, Battleship and Savages.

John Carter



I do waiting his next perfomance maybe as a sweetheart player in drama-comedy, psycho in thriller, scientist or whatever that could bring differentiation in all his movies. I heard that he will play on Peter Berg’s next project, Lone Survivor, an adaptation non-fiction book by author Marcus Luttrell, the story about Navy SEAL just like Black Hawk Dawn kinda movie. Berg already cast Kitsch for one of soldier’s role. Maybe it will premiere in 2013.

Other interesting things about Kitsch is he had been homeless and sleeping on the subway in LA, but he still keep on his body shape on the gym while he was homeless. Cool and also weird at the same time. I found fact on some of his interviews that he choose Austin Texas rather than living in LA because of privacy. He also raised by his single mother who struggling with 5 children.

Well, John Carter and Battleship maybe not the top 5 box office of the year, but Taylor define himself as a comitted actor. Despite this, Kitsch said, “I’m very proud of John Carter. Box office doesn’t validate me as a person, or as an actor.” As a humble person, Kitsch still inevitably saying F*bomb word. Wish he could decrease that habit hehe.. His personal live never been exposed, maybe he keep it safe that way.

Oh yeah, before i forgot, he just visited Indonesia on February 2012 for Savages shoot exactly in the island of Moyo, Nusa Tenggara Barat . Kitsch got bad treatment with the official airport staff when he arrived in Bandara Ngurah Rai Bali from Japan. He’ve been told to go back to Japan because he was run out of passport paper so the officer cannot put any stamp cos no space anymore. Kitsch’s trick is showed his trailer in his iPhone to convince the officer that he has the visa to work in Indonesia. In between that moment, the officer asked for his iPhone during the trailer. At the end, John Carter’s trailer saved him to pass but i don’t know is he give his iPhone to the officer or not? It was a funny story and embarassing for my country as well. Damn airport officer !! LoL

Well that’s it about Taylor Kitsch and i would like to show you some of his interesting interviews and photoshoots :


Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. tu2t widhi says:

    he is adorable at John Carter 😀
    btw ledy, still remeber me? 😛

  2. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

    I do still remember you, my friend.. How are you there in Surabaya? Yes indeed Kitsch is adorable yet humble.. That’s why i write about him in my blog, cos he is worth it to write..

    1. ayu says:

      hai Ledy, have you seen savages ? I have already seen. he is so hot there, I almost faint when I saw that film. I live in jakarta, and could you please email me at hardiyanti12@gmail.com and we can share about tk ? thank you.

      1. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

        Hai Ayu, no i haven’t seen his latest movie, Savages. But i watched the thriller on Youtube several times, and behind the scenes. It was awesome and typical bad-ass movie. I think i will faint like you were hehehe.. I was live in Jakarta but now in Medan. Have Facebook? Add me on Ledy Simanjuntak. Thank you dear..

  3. tu2t widhi says:

    alhamdulillah, fine dy 🙂 i never thought if i will find you here 😀 miss to hang out with you..
    he is worth to write, indeed..

  4. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

    I miss you too, Tutut.. Short time to know you better at Surabaya.. Wish could come again to that nice city, but instead i’m coming to Surabaya again, how about you come to visit me? Hmmm..

  5. ayu says:

    Hi Ledy, may I know your email address ? I live in Jakarta now. how if we speak bahasa ?….Ledy, hp mu brp ? Di medan ya skrg ? Wah disana terkenal bolu miranti, bika ambon dan duren. Dvd savages udah keluar kok di jkt. Kalo nonton dibioskop ya habis dibabat sensor oleh BSF krn adegannya kan sangat berani. Di film grand seduction taylor udah bercukur lo, bersih mukanya skrg. Ledy senang taylor sejak film apa ? Nonton kan snake on the plane ? Covenant ? Friday night light ? Aku sih sudah liat semua. bgmana dgn mu ? Bisa minta alamat emailmu ? Tks and reply di cc ke hardiyanti12@gmail.com ya. tks.

    1. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

      Hai Ayu, DVDnya aku belum beli. Segera deh nanti aku beli. Emang ngeselin ya kalo aktor yang kita suka ada adegan hot-nya.. Jealous tingkat tinggi.. Belakangan ini aku lg sibuk pengen nulis interior rumah makanya ga update lagi soal Taylor Kitsch. Memang yang aku tau dia lagi sibuk syuting terus.. Aku belum nonton Snake on the Plane aja. Yang lainnya sudah.. Kita email2an aja ya.. Thanks..

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