… I’m Sorry, Readers …

Lately I’ve been so busy since i have a new job as Public Relation Manager in Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention Medan. I work since 8 o’clock until 8 in the evening. Normally, my working time is actually until 4 pm, but i still lot of things to do. That’s why i went home late.

This hotel is still brand new and i was so freakin busy with the opening. Settle all the new stuffs, template and work culture. This is my new job desc as well since i resign as a reporter, announcer and marcomm manager.

So, i’m so sorry for those of you who subscribing my blog and waiting for my latest story. I owe you guys some stories that still hanging around in my head  : Last day in Kuala Lumpur, Next Chapter of my trip in Bali, and fashion update.

I know that Kuala Lumpur’s story already expired since the journey conducted on September last year, but i think i should share the trip because my last trip was to Genting Highlands. I have some pictures which is included of my jumping pic..hehehe

And for the Bali’s chapter, aarrrggghhhh.. This story is still stuck and crystal clear in my head. I have to let it out because still a lot of fun things to share. I hope you guys don’t mind with expired stories of mine, because for me even though the stories already past, but it last in my heart. That’s why i still want to write about it.

I wish i could update this blog everyday, dear.. I miss writing and sharing with you. I hope y’all understand..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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