… Crazy Week in Bali Part 3 …

Friday, December 16th, 2011

After a weird night yesterday, this day we toned down a little bit in the morning. We went to shop in Double Six street, Legian to find cute accessories as a present to several people.  But before that, let me tell you that we had the best spot ever for taking pictures, and that spot becoming on of signature place for me and Icka every time we got out. It’s just narrow street of Bintang alley, sort of solitude place from outside but comfy. We could spend half an hour just for taking pictures with different angles. You know what girls do with camera, right.. For the morning, me and Icka took a different color. Black and White, like angel and demon. Icka as usual looked so sexy with her white tank top and blue jeans hot pants. While i wore a black tank completed with black vest and khaki bermuda pants. I wore my hat that i bought yesterday as well, i love it.

I stop at the Bali’s accessories  shop and bought 7 pieces of necklaces and bracelets. It cost me around Rp 130.000, quite cheap for good material. After that we plan to go the beach in Jimbaran. We actually want to look different in every place so we changed our wardrobe into little black dress. We took a cab to Jimbaran beach. It took almost 1 hour to Jimbaran, plus with the traffic for sure. The beach – once again –  not as crowded as Kuta, but the different is there’s many seafood restaurant located along the coast of Jimbaran beach. The price is not cheap for sure, so we just had roasted corn and ice tea to accompany us to saw the sunset.

We got back at 7 o’clock in the evening. Everything seemed so fast forward in Bali, the clock was turning 1 hour faster than Jakarta and Sumatera so i hate it. 1 hour faster is just like the world unfair and cruel because we have to lose 1 hour in our life to celebrate it. I don’t know, maybe its just my melancholic feeling. So, the sun had set, sign for us to got off from Jimbaran. Since this is Friday and T.G.I.F (you guys know what its stands for right?), Kak Nova invited her friend, Sylvie to hang out with us tonight. They want to take us to the club that they already familiar with.

We took a rest and preparation almost 3 hours. Getting ready while chatting with my girlfriends always been a fun thing. We could spent time to know each other, laughing hard, and speaking about boys (of course). So the four of us was all ready to go to the club. Since yesterday we took one bar mistakenly, so this night was redemption night. Me and Icka cannot wait to dance in the floor. Then, we arrived in Legian Street in Kuta. Sylvie introduced us to one bar named Surfer Bar. It’s a bar and restaurant actually, not a club or discotheque but it had live music and DJ as well. We sat in Surfer Bar terrace, semi outdoor. We could see people coming but also live performance in the same time. Best spot of the bar.

Yea, December was the best month of the year. People from many countries visited this island cos it’s a holiday time. We could meet new friends from overseas. Suddenly without further notice, Sylvie met her friend and also her room mate, Ayu, in the bar. At first impression, Ayu is a funky girl. She wore loose tank top with bikini underneath, completed with hot pants that night. She is very tan, ethnic kinda face and very sexy at the same. I like her. She made me and Icka comfort and also safe around her. I remember that night we jumped into dance floor and lost in the music. We laughed so hard and made joke while we were dancing. I didn’t even care when people looking at us. Kak Nova, Sylvie and Ayu made our night turn out so damn crazy and beautiful.

Again, clock was ticking so fast but we didn’t want to end up the night real soon. So at 2 in the morning, we moved to Sky Garden Nightclub, one of famous club in Legian Street. Sky Garden Nightclub is very close to Surfer Bar, just took 1 minute walk. It has almost 10 clubs in the same building with different level of ambiance and music such as Top 40, Hip Hop/R&B, Entrance, Disco, etc. They charge Rp 50.000 for the ticket only for Indonesian or local people, besides is free. Damn !! Not fair !!! Hihihihi..

(image taken from travelpod.com)

I was terrify at first when i entered this club. So many people there in one place. People were dancing around, grab a partner, and drinking. The interesting thing that captured in my head was these people is so free. They don’t care what other people think about what dress they wear, the weird dancing that they have, or what is other people intention in this club. They just care about themselves and people who are close to them. So different with Indonesian culture that always want to know about other people business, too much paying attention and sometimes the bad thing is easy to judge others. No offense, Indonesian people have tons of good things though. Therefore, I just want to relate it with this kind of oddity and awkardness that i felt in this room.

So five of us headed toward entrance club, i think it was in the 4th level. The difference from other level is the entrance club has green laser light which made the room more sophisticated. We mingled in the middle and dancing around with our own style. There was several people coming at us, wanted to dance along, but Ayu protecting us from flirty guys which mostly “bule” hehehe.. Thanks Ayu. After been pleased in entrance club, we moved again to R&B/Hip Hop room at 3rd level. This room was narrower than entrance club, so it felt so much crowded than other room. It has VIP dance floor where the stage is above the bar, just like little stage where everybody could see you dancing. I think someone will be very reminded of this VIP room.. hihihihi…

Entrance Club (photos taken from travelpod.com)

R&B Club  (photos taken from travelpod.com)

For me, RnB room was more fun than the entrance club. Why? Cus entrance club was more serious place to dance, but in R&B room is room for fun. There was a funky DJ put on the mix playlist of funky songs, and they have professional dancers as well so the audience not only dancing by themselves but also entertained by the DJ, dancers and music. Three great combination for end up the night. It almost 4 o’clock in the morning and we still dancing in the club. I couldn’t believe it. I never danced so freely until this night. I love every second of it, every time the music boomed loudly in my ear.

Sweating and tired was what i felt. We decided to end up the night at 4.30 in the morning, but unfortunately we struck by the rain so we got home sopping wet, nothing left including our underwear. Thank you very much, rain. But the funny thing was we’re not getting any close to sick. Maybe because we were happy at the moment. Leave the stress behind.

So this is our third day in Bali. So much fun things happen and mostly out of our comfort zone. Meeting new friends, little bit of alcohol but not drunk, dancing in the club and got home in the morning. I think i becoming an adult now hahaha. For my entire life, I’ve always afraid to do that. Not because i can’t, but because I’m not too comfort doing it in the city that i lived and the people I’ve been with. But this is different, I had the best girlfriends to be with and I’m in Bali. Perfect place to escape from reality. Maybe Bali could be no interesting at all without my girlfriends, but because of them, my holiday became one of the most memorable thing that I will remember in my entire life.

I love you Icka, Kak Nova, Sylvie and Ayu. I miss you guys everyday. I think most of my stories in Bali will be colored by they presence. See you on my fourth day in Bali.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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