… Crazy Week in Bali Part 2 …

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This is our second day in Bali. Last night was a blast, we enjoy the gay party at Mixwell Bar. Today we plan to swim in Waterbom and eat Sushi Tei. Basically, there was some different purposes in Bali between me and Icka. Me, literally want to enjoy Bali as a island of fun and making new friends. I want to explore the clubs, the bars, and the night life of Bali. I’m not a clubbers, i could count how many times i go to the club in a year. Maybe 1 or 2 times. So, since i’m in the island of hedonism, i want to try it more.

Different with Icka, which is maybe this is her 5th visit to Bali in 2011, so she wanted more cultural journey. She wanted to explore tourism destination which is far from the city. But unfortunately, December wasn’t the right time to go far away from the city because of hard raining. So it was difficult for us to reach the destination since we didn’t have enough money to rent a car.

This morning, without having a shower, we walked toward double six beach, Legian. Sunny and fresh air, best time to take a picture. Double six beach is not like Kuta beach. It was quite and more private. This morning not too many people spend time in the beach.

After that we were search for breakfast. Icka said there’s some people sell simple breakfast and also very cheap. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it so we just ate in random local resto. Cheap but taste weird. But we have to charge our power because we want to get crazy in Waterbom. Waterbom is a famous swimming pool in Bali, contain some fun waterslides. For local adult, Waterbom ticket is around Rp 180.000/person, exlude deposit counter. We have to add Rp 100.000 more for that. Quite expensive but worth for the fun we’ve had.

Waterbom has more than 8 waterslides, and i only can remember Jungle Ride (stupido!!). Because of the rain, they closed the waterslides for about an hour until it save. We spent almost 4 hours there. Eventually, we could wear bikini… Yeayyy. Both of us was so curious about wearing a bikini and thought that Bali is the best place to wear it. Just a sneek peek for you guys..

Hungry was next result of swimming and the only restaurant came into our mind was SUSHI TEI. We’re SUSHI TEI addict. We could enjoy being in the sushi bar more than 2 hours. Thanks to Icka who made me a sushi addict. Guess what? We ordered 5 sushis just for the two of us. Perut kaleng dasar !!!!

With full of sushi, we decided to go back home, change our clothes and shop in Kuta, Bali. We have to take a cab from Legian to Kuta about 15 minutes. It was traffic everywhere. As a mention before  on my previous post, a whole Bali areas has massive development including hotels, apartment, streets, etc. We didn’t want to waste any more time in a cab. We decided out of the cab in Jl. Legian, Kuta and took a long walk passing some boutiques and street shops. Poor Icka, she could no longer wear her sandals so she had to buy one. Nowadays, sandals is a expensive thing. They sell it around Rp 100.000 to Rp 140.000. Those sellers are crazy maybe because so many tourist could buy it. But sorry, we won’t buy it. The same exact sandals actually cost Rp 30.000 to Rp 50.000 in Jakarta or Medan, so they took higher margin in Bali i noticed.

As patient as i could be, we found another street shop in Kuta and they sell cheaper than any store. They also sold traditional sandals with beautiful beads on it about Rp 20.000. Patient paid off.

We took around the road of Kuta, passing Kuta Square, Hard Rock Cafe, and some 5 star hotels. We didn’t want go home yet, so we want to go back to Jl. Legian, Kuta to visit some bars. Kuta is center of hedonism. Clubs and bars are side by side each other and offering different ambiance. We just can’t decide which club we want to enter. It looked terrifying at first because me and Icka never experience this before. We passed Vi Ai Pi bars, Sky Garden, Surfer Bar, Expresso Bar, Bounty discotique which is the most crowded bars in that street, but sorry for our innocence, we entered the most quite bar that i even did not remember the name hahahaha. We were to afraid but exiting at the same time. We don’t have any qualified friends to direct us. So, here we are, just sat in a the most solitaire bar drinking orange juice.

To boost the moment, Icka had something crazy in her mind to push me singing in front of public. Again, she made me embarassed in the city i barely know, but it was fun eventually. We sang “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. We rock the stage that night. Thanks to you, cka (sambil cekek leher dan jedotin jidat bareng-bareng).

So second day was fun, same like yesterday. At least today we dared ourselved beyond our comfort zone : wearing bikinis, entering the bar even it was the wrong bar, and rock the stage. Good job !!

Tomorrow we promised to our self to dance as crazy as we could. See you tomorrow !!

Ledy Simanjuntak




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wibi Udayana says:

    You seem to have the best of times in Bali! You even went to Sushi Tei! my favourite. haha

  2. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

    Yes indeed.. Bali become really close to my heart since this holiday.. Plan to go back there again, hope someday could stay much longer..

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