… Obsessed with Cat-Eye Glasses …

Since i was in elementary school 2nd grade, i already used glasses. I “ruin” my vision because of my reading style – reading at dim lights  in between about to sleep. So glasses becoming my style until now even though I used contact lens since i entered Metro TV as a reporter.

But glasses always become my signature that i can’t live without. I have 5 glasses now : 1 Aviator, 2  Retro, 1 square Bold, and 1 metallic glasses. Recently, I’m obsessed with one style of glasses : Cat-Eye. The one who makes me adore cat-eye glasses is Kourtney Kardashian. I remember there was one photo of her using cat-eye glasses and she’s so gorgeous in that picture. She combined it with vintage outfit, shorts and lace top. Classy and stylish. Moreover, I often saw her photos wearing cat-eye glasses. Thanks to Kourtney.

Cat-eye sunglasses is one of glasses style that famous back in 50’s and early 60’s. It was phenomenal in that moment that every girl using cat-eye glasses. Then this trend continue in 2011 especially in spring 2011 by Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, etc. Cat-eye glasses is basically form with rounded-out edges that fits for round and oval shaped face. Especially for round face that could bring silhouette of the shape and camouflage it so the face would have sharper curve.

How To Wear Cat-Eye Sunglasses


To wear cat-eye sunglasses, you have to wear vintage outfit to boosting your whole appearance. For formal occasion, try baby doll dress or high waist dress. It’s good to pump up the vintage outlook with cat-eye.

For nowadays, cat-eye glasses also can be used for more contemporary outfit such as shorts, pencil pants, etc. 

That glasses is so gorgeous and a statement for fashion. I’m obsessed !!

Ledy Simanjuntak


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