… My Juvenile Memories …

Back when i was a juvenile, i had a lot of celebrity crush. I bet you do as well. Mostly i like teen singer whether its a boy band, group band, soloist or an actor. They always make a great impression every time they performed and made my head blown away. 

So i would make a list and i will show you how they were change through times. Moreover, you would know how are they doing now and then.

Here it is :


Before I knew love, i knew Devon Sawa. Yup, he was my first love of all men that i ever crush to. For the first time in my life i could falling in love with opposite sex was him since Casper movie. Do you remember back at the 1994? He was real hottie then especially with his blonde hair, blue eyes and his smile. I always put his posters all over my wall and pray to God that someday i will meet him hahaha.. That was what teenager’s do, right?


In his 33rd age, Devon has change a lot. His face is different from his youth, i don’t know why. Right now he is playing a role in Nikita, a television series. He’s not married yet. 


This is my ultimate idol of all time. Since 1996, I was crazy about them. Backstreet Boys a.k.a BSB is well-known vocal group from America and still active until now. They were consists of 5 member : Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ and Kevin. But in 2006, Kevin left the group and concentrate on his marriage and other interests. With only four members, BSB made 2 album : This Is Us and Unbreakable.

3 members of the Backstreet Boys already married and have a son. Brian Littrell was the first member who get married with Leighanne and have a son named Baylee. Then Kevin Richardson married Kristin Willits and have a son named Mason Richardson. Last one who got married was Howie. D with Leigh Boniello. They also have a son named James.

Nick and A.J is not married yet, but they have a girlfriend. A.J with Rochelle Deanna Karidis whom he plan to get married in December 17th in Beverly Hills, California.

Last but not least, Nick Carter has been in long relationship with Lauren Kitt. They seems very happy together. Will they end up married? Let’s see..



Check out AJ and Rochelle wedding invitation, Gothic and Moulin Rouge.


Hanson is consists of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. They were famous in 1996/1997 when i was still on junior high school. I thought at first that Taylor was a girl because he had long hair, pink blushy cheek, and high note voice. Fortunately he’s a man and I’ve had a crush on him instead of his other brothers.

At that time, Isaac was 17 , Taylor was 14, and Zac was 12 years old. Now, Isaac is 31, Taylor is 28, and Zac is 26 years old. All of them are married and have kids. The person who has the most children is Taylor. He is so fertile hahaha. Taylor married Natalie Bryant in 2002 in a young age and now have 4 children : Ezra, Penelope, River and Viggo. Isaac married Nikki Dufresne in 2006 and having 2 kids : Everett and Monroe. The youngest, Zac married with Kate Tucker in 2006 and having 2 kids also : John Shepherd and June Ira. 

What a big happy family !!






Okay that’s all I can say. Hope they all still success in their career and personal live as well. God bless you, my juvenile idol.


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