… Style Of The Week : Sweater …

December represents cool, freezy and breezy. Even though there’s no snow in my country, but hard raining always give some coolness to our body. To protect our body usually we’re wearing sweater. Some people covers their body with wrong sweater, it almost drown them so there’s no body structure shows. To wearing appropriate sweater, we have to choose from material and cutting. Don’t ever wear man sweater even though you like it. If you cannot handle your eager to wear it, match it with short skirt, short pants, or legging to accentuate your body.

Nowadays putting a sweater could as trendy as you put your tank top. Despite you’re not showing any skin, it doesn’t mean your not sexy. I found perfect mix and match of sweater from my ultimate fashion site, net-a-porter.com and i will show you how to wear sweater but still looks good on it.

Look at that !!! I love how the stylist put a simple sweater and change it in extraordinary high of fashion. Would love to try some of the style above. How bout you? Make that freezing air into an opportunity of fashion. See ya..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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