… Chapter 2, Backpacking Trip 1 : Malaysia …

I was waiting for the bus to take us to Komtar. It took quite long but since the street was so clean, i enjoy being waiting. It was second day in Georgetown, Penang. We had a blast day yesterday. For you who have read my previous story about how we go to Malaysia, this is all worth it.

We headed to Komtar, its a tower that had shuttle bus underneath. Komtar stands for Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak, the tallest building located in the heart of Georgetown. Komtar actually a multipurpose complex of retail outlets, transportation hub and administrative offices for the Penang State Government. It took only 7 minutes from our hotel at Penang Street. We decided to visit Penang Hill or well known as Bukit Bendera first cus it sound fun.Waiting for the bus in Penang was enjoyable. Since i was a tourist in this country, everything turned out to be a journey. The bus look similar with Transjakarta Busway but Malaysian people could more behave to maintain public facility. There’s no streaks hand or any ignorant writing in the bus or any public facility. That’s the big difference with my country.

Komtar Shuttle Bus

inside the bus

From Komtar into Penang Hill took around 45 minutes until 1 hour. It just like similar trip to Puncak, West Java but of course without traffic jam. Yes, there was no traffic jam indeed. When i look around, this town surrounded by cleanliness and good sanitary. It blown my mind away and also interesting thing to see how people actually could treat environment with kindness. One little sanitary example from Penang is there was no puddle and offhanded garbage. Even  I still learning to stay clean in my own house in Indonesia. But literally, humans cannot leave without good environment because its our basic nature. So stay green and clean.

After 1 hour trip, i arrived in Penang Hill. I could see a cool train climb up to the hill. I never see a train like that before, because usually railway always flat but this is different. The train was design for climbing to it structured with certain tilt. We had to buy train ticket around 30 RM (quite expensive, i could eat tons of sushi with the amount of money hehehe), but i heard we would climb 833 meters above sea level and it jumped my heart out. I’m afraid of height so i think i have to tried it and challenge myself. Let see how it goes.

I used an umbrella not because it was raining, but because it was so hot. Soon i will feel cooler air up there. Based on Wikipedia, the core summit area has an average temperature ranging from 20° to 27°C. The mean minimum temperature is consistently below 21°C. The hottest months are between December and April while the coolest months are between June and October. Thank God it was September, so i still felt wonderful and fresh air. I rarely feel this kind of coolness since everything was surrounded by vehicle pollution.

Let me took the train first.. Oh yeah, you could see cute guy in the train also hehehe, but i think he still a teenager. Aww, Too bad.

i think i almost freaked out

Climb up the hill took us about 15 minutes, i could feel the heights because there was a pressure in my ears, it was so sensitive. Being in that train was mesmerized me with the local government’s effort to build and create such a wonderful attraction for tourist. It made me wondering what’s in the hill. After we arrived, i could see Penang’s view from above. As i walk inside, i saw first Penang Hill’s train made by wood. Near by the traditional train, i could find Hindu temple. Like another typical Hindu temple, it has lot of statues. I also could find it in my town so nothing special.

Me and hubby not going any further to explore Penang Hill. Since i have limited time here, just look out a glimpse already enough for me. At least i know where and what Penang Hill was. I had to comeback to Georgetown as soon as possible to prepare Kuala Lumpur journey for tomorrow. We took a different bus and stopped near Komtar. At first we got mixed up with the streets, but to break the moment i saw a burger. That burger looked so delicious and asked me to ate them. So yes off course i ate them. I ordered 2 regular burgers and a hotdog. Yup, 2 for me and 1 for my husband. Hubby always forgot that i have big appetite for food especially junk food and chinese food. He still shocked everytime I’m ordering food. But i just love to eat and sure love to cook to fulfill my love for food. Thank God my body have a good absorption.

The burger was so good and i realize they put onions pickle inside so it will taste little bit sour but appropriate sourness. Ate 2 burgers made me want to burned the calorie by walking. Found out our hotel just about 1 km away so we decided to take a walk. It was tiring but worth it because we found another interesting thing to see from this town. I found a theater only for Bollywood movies. I think my friend, Dadong will be blast if he visit this city. He is Bollywood biggest fan in the world. Any kind of India movie, old and new he would watch and collect it. So this is the place that he must-have-visit.

Bollywood theater

Afternoon will be gone turned up to be a night. It was my last night in Penang and i want to take a walk once again just near my hotel. Me and hubby ate Torpedo Soup for the last time in Ahmeed Soup which is so famous in this town. Then i took a walk across the streets and heard music noises from a building. I walked closer and i found the street change into hang out place. Lot of foreign people there drinking beers, watching football and just gathering. There also several clubs beside one and another. Sadly i didn’t entering any clubs. We just sat in the bench and enjoy the night. Admiring the city.

Soon i will be back to Penang..

Soup Ahmeed
Street Bar
beautiful hotel near the clubs
Lovely hubby

Before we went back to hotel, i bought burger, ice cream and chips. What a day, i have to eat much.. Hahaha..

That’s it for second day in Penang. Prepare for tomorrow trip to Kuala Lumpur..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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