… Sean Faris : The Sexy Runner …

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For those of you who didn’t know Sean Faris, maybe you thought I’m talking about an running athlete (since i made an ambiguous title). But apparently I’m not. Sean Faris is an actor whom i pay attention since he played a role in Sleepover, 2004. Why would I write about him right now? Because i just saw his movie called Free Runner last night. It reminds me that i should have written about him 2 or maybe 3 years ago, but eventually i forgot.

If you look him in a glance, you will see young Tom Cruise. But i think Faris cuter than Cruise hahaha. Do you think he looks like Tom Cruise? Hmmm..

Who is Sean Faris exactly? Sean Faris is an American model and actor. He began his career as a model and was named the Junior Male Model of The Year at the International Model and Talent Sleepover Association in 1999. But actually his dream was to be a movie star and he moved to Los Angeles, California away from his hometown in Houston, Texas. Sean, who was born in March 25, 1982 was starred in two television projects, Life As We Know It and Reunion which is both canceled before the end of their first season. Dunno why.. He played as lead role.

Then he switched from television star into movie star where he appeared in Sleepover with Alexa Vega in 2004. That was the first movie that brought me to him hehe. He just like prince charming met Cinderella. Typical love story but still entertaining.

He just could stop making movies since then. In 2007, he worked out on three back-to-back films : Forever Strong, Never Back Down, and Brooklyn to Manhattan. I watched his second movie (second for me), Never Back Down where he played a kickboxing guy who struggle in a fight. His enemy was Cam Gigandet who played evil vampire in Twilight. His body trained well and more muscular. His character a lot different with Sleepover’s movie. He turned out to be tough and show a lot of nerves because he had to involve in a fight. But all of his effort in this movie worth it cos he won MTV Movie Award for Best Fight with Cam Gigandet. Keep fighting guys..

Faris just can’t stop filming action movie. The two last movie i saw was Ghost Machine and Freerunner. Ghost Machine is a supernatural thriller-horror movie cos it involve ghost inside video game. His role described a selfish leader of the game and he sacrificed his friends until they die in the game. It’s about a group of young U.S. military techs who borrow a top-secret combat simulator for a weekend of unauthorized gaming. But when they set up the system inside an abandoned prison used for the torture of post-9/11 prisoners, they discover that someone or something has uploaded itself into their A.I. software. A deadly new player has now joined the game : a ghost.

Freerunner It’s a tense movie since it involve a lot of blood and brain explosion. I hate blood but i made an exception since Faris in it. Freerunner is a story about a guy who have talent as a free runner. As with his free runner friends, he earn money from people’s bet. He was a great free runner but he never win. At one moment he had his last running. He and other runners trapped into dirty game made by someone called Mr. Frank. Within 16 minutes they have to run with a bomb in their neck, and they have to scan the bomb by the time it scheduled to be explode. Gladly, he is the one last standing and he killed Mr. Frank, got his money about 1 million dollar. Here’s the trailer :

I think i have to watch his other movies such as Forever Strong, The King of Fighters and The Lost Valentine.

Today, i just following his official twitter @onlyseanfaris. I found out he’s down to earth man and have a great sense of humor. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend who also an actress named Breanne Racanno played in CSI. So girls out there, don’t cry okay..

This is several interview that show how fun and down the earth Sean is :

He also support actively some of humanity campaign like NOH8 and prostate cancer. He even dare photographed naked to expose his willingness supporting all men to get tested to sign of testicular and prostate cancer. He also crazy about sport and live in healthy life.

Okay, that’s all i can recap from Sean Faris. Keep up the good work and promise i will catch up with your movies, Sean. God bless.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. bvdsel says:

    Man, I started to love this guy. But, I still love Vin Diesel more 🙂

  2. patricia says:

    actually he’s dating this girl looks a little forced, but is not true, but it seems she and actress who does not act and I think her movies are these videos he did with it for it to appear. But congratulations to the couple kisses

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