… Backpacking Trip 1 : Malaysia …

I jump certain times in Malaysia, exactly like on the picture on the top. 3 places : Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Genting indeed. I said to my husband that he must took a photos of me jumping, in front of public, don’t care if they stared at me. So jumping while backpacking is something new that i’m addicted to it right now. I know i cannot backpack oftenly, but at least i’ve done it once.

It started with funny and also stupid beginning. We took a morning flight headed to Penang, 8.55 am from Polonia Airport in Medan. I was super exited because it was my first trip abroad and i was with my beloved husband. Perfect pair for the holiday. We were at the airport, nothing left, all set and we just wait for the plane to took us away. But apparently me and hubby forgot our flight number. We get mixed up with booking numbers which is different with the flight number. Some airlines make a same number of flight and booking, but unfortunately Air Asia didn’t do it. So after the plane has gone about 10 minutes, hubby realize that there was something wrong. Yup, we missed the flight.

Just before we missed the flight

How fool was that huh? Afterward we decided to buy new tickets to Penang and the price was already twice higher than our first “burned up” ticket. Still have to face the truth that we lost almost 2 million rupiah because of that stupidity. But the show must go on, and finally we were heading to Penang at 2 in the afternoon. It was a brief flight, only 45 minutes in the sky. We get picked up by hubby’s friend and he took us quick round town of Penang. We stayed at the Peking Hotel which is in Georgetown, one of UNESCO heritage city. The room rate was 70 RM, around Rp 210.000/night. It closed to the bus station, shopping mall, bars and local food.

Arriving @ Penang International Airport

Peking Hotel, Georgetown, Penang

The room was quite clean with twin bed and a bathroom, but never ask what’s in behind the hotel?! It’s prostitution hahahaha.. Funny but it’s true. After put our belongs, we headed to several shopping malls in Penang which is Queensbay and Gurney Plaza. Queensbay mall was a fancy shopping mall in such a small town like Penang. Its modern and chic, variance of tenancy mix from local into international. The cool thing in the atrium there was a red ferari exhibition which is pretty awesome to see. Another thing that cool for me was the bookstore called Borders. Borders was similar to Gramedia in Indonesia, but the difference was it has coffee shop inside. It goes well according to Borders’ tag line : Books. Music. Cafe (some of them contain Movies).

Then we moved to Gurney’s Plaza. In a glimpse, it looked like a hotel than a plaza for me. Apparently, Gurney Plaza close to G Hotel that has quite similar architecture. It was smaller than Queensbay Mall but still a fancy mall.Several things that catches me was a Japanese Resto called Sushi King. Since my cousin, Icka introduced me with Sushi Tei, i’m addicted to sushi. I will eat it twice a week until my tongue gets numb. So, i was looking for sushi in Malaysia also and i found Sushi King which is soooo f*ckin cheap and delicious. The menu was different with sushi tei but has a similar raw material like Octopus, salmon, etc. I bought octopus, meatball salad and spicy tuna. Guess what? One sushi was about 2 RM (Rp 6.000). How come it become so cheap in Malaysia but in Indonesia, sushi was so expensive.. Arrrgghhh.. It has the same material though..

The food journey didn’t end yet, because as we went back to the hotel, hubby was dying to eat a torpedo soup near our hotel. He said torpedo soup has a savor especially for men. We should eat the soup mixed with bread, but i think it taste weird so i decided not to eat the bread. I’m not number one fans of the soup but i found out something interesting behind torpedo soup. Just figure it out by yourself..hehehe..

After tasted my first day of food in Penang, i got to say that Indonesian food is way much better because we have richer seasoning and ingredients. But i have to taste Chinese food in Malaysia as well to get a conclusion, is it feel the same or we have better Chinese cook in Indonesia hehe..

Enough about the food, so we decided to change our itinerary from only one day in Penang into 2 days. I want to explore Penang more, what is it in the town and how interesting could it be than Kuala Lumpur? We planned to go to Penang Hill and just around town with bus. I really exited to touring with the bus since i saw its so comfortable.

Before we get back to hotel, i went to Batu Ferringgi which is a place for buy merchandise and stuff. I remember my beloved cousin, Icka ask me to buy some cool stuff for our plan to Bali in December. So i looked out some bikinis and beach dress. I found out there was a lot of interesting goods sold there. Unique lamps around 15-20 RM, platter jewelery, wallet, clothes around 10-50 RM and everything in half price. We also could bargain the price. If you think you are tough and mean bargainer, pleasure come to this place. Amazing.. Since i love shopping so much, i bought pair of Cheongsam (Chinese traditional) clothes for my nieces and beautiful beach dress for me and Icka. I promise i have to go back there to shop even more. LoL.

Numb face for the cheap price

After that, me and hubby went back to the hotel and sleep. Okay, this is the end of day 1. Catch up with u soon..

Love ya much,

Ledy Simanjuntak


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