.. Creative ..

Creativity is different among persons. We cannot define what’s being creative and uncreative, its relative and perceptional. There’s certain people is creative in verbal, some others in numbers, or analysis etc. So don’t ever judge one person is not too creative enough when yourself lacking of creativity definition. Be creative in your own way, even people become disrespectful by it. Its because they cannot define them self like you are.

I’m not too creative for certain kind of people. They could judge whatever they want, i won’t buy it. But the only person that allowing me for being creative is myself, so maybe that certain people just couldn’t give me have enough time and space for me for being creative. Time and space, then passion and mood come afterwards. hehehe..

If i’m facing pushy people, spontaneously i withdraw myself from people and being uptight. I notice i might have problem with people like that. So be it.. :p


Ledy Simanjuntak




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