… I Miss My Husband …

He is out of town more than 1 week, and i’m missing him all the time. It made me realize i couldn’t live without him. He is my soulmate, my other half and my twin. 2 days before he’s back home, i cried a lot. Yes, just because of missing him and i miss the moment we were together. He is my best friend and it suck when he’s not here with me.

Pa, please come back home soon. I will never permit you again for leaving me such a long time. I’m crazy without you and i cried every night spend time alone in my bed. I miss you from the head to toe, just want to hold you and kick your ass at the same time. I hate the time you said you want to extend much longer out town. I cannot stand it anymore without you. You like take half part of me and make me hardly breathe.

Pa, i miss you.. Have i told you that? I think so, and i will tell you more and more again. Come back home soon and make babies with me. 🙂

You’re so gorgeous, my love. I adore you each and every day. I admire your kindness and your cleverness. You are strong man and i know God gave me you because of that reason. Although there still something that i hate from you, but i always love for who you are.

Love you, Pa.. Even though i cried, i did it because i love you. Be here beside me or I’ll just die. Better you take my life away than apart like this. Hug me tight when you first see me, okay.. I love you..

Ur ma..

Ledy Simanjuntak


4 Comments Add yours

  1. tasya says:

    romantis bgt. great couple 😉

    1. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

      Thanks tasya.. God will keep love alive..

  2. tasya says:

    aku add sis di twitter. add me @tasyasitorus

  3. novia says:

    inspiring bgt nii ms ledy….. hehehe.. baca blog nya dr pernikahan 18 desember 2009, sepertinya hidupmu perfect sekali.. God bless u along time yaaa,,,,

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