… Crawling To See Ben Barnes New Movies …

Damn !! That was the one thing slightly came up to my head when i saw Ben Barnes new pictures in “The Words” and “The Wedding” set.  This guy is more gorgeous and gorgeous every time i write about him.

Okay, let’s take a deep breath. Right now, Ben is a busy man. He shooting his new film “The Wedding” in Montreal this July. I noticed his body figure more curvier than the first time i found out about him. I don’t know whether because of his shirt or he actually worked out. This is some pictures taken this July with his green shirt, reverse cap, vintage sun glass, a bottle of water, and his iPhone.

Damn hot !

Whoa !! He’s changing a lot i guess. So before this pictures taken, Ben was shot “The Words” movie which also starring Olivia Wilde, Bradley Cooper and Jeff Bridges (Oscar winner). Here’s Ben Barnes cuddling and kissing with his co-partner actress Nora from France while on the set in Paris. The set was build in the 40’s. It obvious from the wardrobe and all the set.

This pictures makes me want to jump in the air but also die after then.

What a cutey?! Happy to see his career growing and developing.This is a great year for him i think.. Bless you, Ben..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. kulotz says:

    i really love seeing and hearing people supporting ben. keep it up. he deserves our full support because i know he’s very serious about his job as an actor. the least that we could do is to watch all of his movies whenever we could. he’s not just an awesomely looking guy. he is also weirdly talented. a rare kind, indeed.

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