… Make a Small Bedroom More Spacious …

Hello everybody,

Welcome back to my blog. Yesterday I’ve been inspired to write about interior design. I just replaced my bedroom’s furniture to refresh my lovely bedroom. I’m sorry i forgot to take a picture before it replaced.

Just for your information, my bedroom is not too spacious. It has 1 king bed size, 1 small 2 doors cupboard, 1 dressing table, 1 bed side table and 3 big window. The problems from this bedroom is the window and the bed. It was all too big. I don’t like big size furniture because it makes the room not too spacious anymore. I have to replaced it continually just to make sure there’s enough space for me to add more furniture.

My head kept spinning since yesterday, what furniture i want to moved out from the bedroom, and what furniture i want to add. Seriously almost everything in my bedroom is suck.. hahaha.. Since i cannot change the window and the bed, i only could change the movable thing.

Then i looked out for inspirations and finally i got it. I like to change my dressing table with computer drawer combine with dressing table. My husband like to work anytime he want and that’s why it should equipped with spacious table with a lot of drawers in it help him to keep his stuff.

I would like to add a big and funky mirror in top of the dressing table. Maybe you could imagine it with combining these pictures.

Another thing that i want to add is bedroom bench or TV drawer. The reason that i want to add the bench or TV drawer because it so functional. It depends on the price actually. The more functional and cheap the furniture that i want, i’ll take it. The thing that i exited about is the TV drawer. I want to put it in the edge of the bed so the TV could stand in top of it. It will be so cool if our room have unordinary television set.

Bench Bed

TV Bedroom Drawer

And the last one, i want to change is my cupboard into drawer or larger cupboard so my clothes and my husband’s could fit in. But i have another idea, i want to mix a cupboard with a drawer. 

Overall, i want to adapt IKEA’s ideas to make a bedroom functional but also funky. At first glance, i thought that IKEA make a bedroom full of pact and make it dirty bedroom but then i look a little deeper, and i think i like it. Take a look at this design that i adore. Notice the detail and how functional all furniture they put.

Soooo lovely.. During writing this blog, i’m getting inspired to change some thing. Maybe i would be better if i change the TV drawer into laptop desk. It could turn out to be TV drawer if i want to, right?

 I can’t wait to change my room again and buy some furniture.. Fun !!

Ledy Simanjuntak


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