… Next Project of Ben Barnes …

Hi everybody,

Recently i just knew that my favorite British actor, Ben Barnes will on the set in 3 new movies ahead. After finished promoting his new role as Neil McCormick in Killing Bono, Ben has the busiest time for choosing his new path of role in a future. But Ben has decided that he will on the set of movies called The Big Wedding or known as Gently Down The Stream, The Seventh Son, and The Words.

Gently down the Stream is a comedy that is begin to shoot this summer in Connecticut. The film is full of great cast, Robert de Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, and Amanda Seyfried. Ben will played as an adopted son from their dysfunctional and divorced parents (de Niro and Diane Keaton). 

Another movies, the Seventh Son, Ben will played as a young apprentice that turns as an exorcist training, Tom Ward. He battled a ghosts and witches in 1700’s. This film will rolling the camera on September this year. For his other project, The Words, Ben took role with many great actors as well like Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde. 

About his new roles, Ben said that he don’t want to stuck in one kind of role with swords and royalty theme. He wants to take a challenge in his acting. “I still get lots of offers to play royalty and [for] films with swords in them. The industry loves to pigeonhole you, and most actors do everything they can to not have that happen, so I say, ‘No, I want to do something with a gun …’” he said in an interview with Wonderland magazine.

Way to go, Ben.. Can’t wait to see his movies. I like his acting and his humble character. Besides movies, Ben is not as exist as others British actors, who always in the eye of camera or in a magazine. Ben is like hide and seek actors, that’s why every time he exposed by media, it turns to a massive welcome especially for his fans. This is his recent photo shoot and brief video in Wonderland Magazine. He’s weird but that makes him a lot sexier.

Happy to see Ben Barnes still have a long career.. Bless you, Ben..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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  1. Claire R. says:

    hey, I read your earlier posts, and I noticed how you were talking about Ben Barnes in ‘Killing Bono’. I’m also a really big fan, and I was wondering where I could find the movie. I know it came out some time this year, but I’m not really sure. I’ve been looking through a couple programs and movie buying and renting places, and I was unsuccessful in finding it. If you know where I might be able to find it, can you email me? Okay thank you!

  2. Ledy Simanjuntak says:

    Hey Claire, yea I’m truly big fan of Ben. I’m not quite sure when “Killing Bono” will out in theater, but fortunately yesterday i just opened You tube and there was a full movie of Killing Bono uploaded by WildDiscoDance one week ago. Just check it out. Its hilarious. Ben is a talented actor, could act any role.

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