… Working in Style …

Working style right now is my thing. I love becoming mature woman.. For me, style at the office must be comforting and trendy at the same time. I considered my office style is kinda boyish. For instance, mostly my working style is with pants. Just a few times i’m wearing skirt, in case i feel girly that day. 

I like being boyish, because boyish style makes me feel confidence and relax with what i’m doing. Almost my time is at the office (i’m not working at the field anymore), it’s my moment to fashionable. The most thing that change in me is i adore wearing hanging cut pants. It sort of an ankle length pants or cropped pants and conjuncted with high waist.


There’s just tons of pictures i’m dying to show you. It was so inspiring outfit. Make an adaptation to your own style. Get creative in your items and be confident with your choice. Happy working in style, guys..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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