.. I’m Dying For Flat Shoes ..

I’m a kind of person like to dress to up for comfort. For some women pain is beauty, but for me, i hate pain. I adore high heels because it makes you look taller, slimmer, and sexier. But wearing high heels can cause you some problem. I cannot stand wearing high heels just because i have flat sole like a duck. Flat sole is like your feet doesn’t have enough curvature to adjust heels form. The answer for my flaw is flat shoes.

I love wearing flat shoes in my daily life. It’s so comfort and cannot cause you any pain. Nowadays, flat shoes suitable for any circumstances. Formal and informal. For those of you who like wearing flat shoes, this is some guide style that you could wear. (pictures courtesy of net-a-porter.com)

The design of flat shoes nowadays is changing so much. Back in the days flats only used by ballerina, but now everybody can wear it. Flat shoes makes ourself look slicker, chic, and playful. I love them.. I hope you like it too.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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