… Nick Carter : I’m Taking Off …

I freaked out yesterday because i just recently watched Nick Carter official video for his first single, Just One Kiss. Damn, Nick.. I know that he plan to launch a new album but i just forget to noted when. So, i really shocked when i watched the video for the first time. Thank God for You Tube.

Here’s the lyric:

Just one… Just one [x2]

Don’t turn away, don’t close the door
I couldn’t take it
We’ve got find out for sure
Before there’s no turning back
If this is a start of the end of the road
I’ve got ask before you go

If I could have just one kiss
If that’s all it is, I know that is over
If I could have just one kiss
If there’s something more
We could start over

If I could have just one (just one) kiss
Just one
If I could have just one (just one) kiss
Just one

I’ve been a fool just standing by
Watching it coming to this
But now I’m here
Stand and fight
For all the promisses
If this is a start of the end of the road
I wouldn’t back, I’d let you go


We told that we’d find a way forward
We just need to find what we miss
So what if we look like we’re crazy
For hangin’ it all on this

Don’t turn away, don’t close the door

Nick Carter second album titled I’m Taking Off.

It has 11 tracks :

01. Burning Up (feat. Briton “Briddy” Shaw)
02. Not The Other Guy
03. So Far Away
04. Addicted
05. Special
06. Falling Down
07. Just One Kiss
08. Great Divide
09. Nothing Left To Lose
10. Falling In Love Again
11. I’m Taking Off

All of the track was written originally by Nick, with many co writers along. In his first single CD, he add one more single called Jewel of My Heart. There’s another unreleased tracks such as Scream, Prisoner, Coma, etc. By the way, I already heard all the tracks and i bold the tracks that i love. Hope you like it the way that i do.

Well, talking about his new album, his sound and voice in this album is more mature, calm, and melodic. He don’t try too much and over the top like screaming or exploring his rock side.

He knows what he’s doing right now, and he try to blend with any different kind of music. In this album he even try disco genre with synthesizer, different with his first project, Now or Never which obviously make his statement influence under rock music. But now he much cooler than ever. Yeah, he must be cos he’s 31 right now. Hahaha..

This is what Nick said about his new album:

According to Wikipedia, in 2010, Nick Carter started recording new songs for his second solo album, working with Rami, Carl Falk, Toby Gad, Josh Hoge, Claude Kelly, among many others. The album was released on February 2, 2011 in Japan. It charted on #8 in Japan. Unfortunately, the first single, “Just One Kiss”, did reach #12 on the Japan Hot 100.

In the first week of release in Japan, it reached the #8 position with 9,928 copies sold, in the second week the album fell to the #17 position with 4,103 copies sold. In the third week the album fell out of the top 30 albums with less than 3,100 copies sold. I’m Taking Off has sold 17,000 copies so far in Japan. It is set to be released in Germany on June 3, 2011. I hope it released in Indonesia soon.

Love you Nick..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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