.. Crazy bout Man in Beard ..

I’m easy to adore someone. I like good looking people, just for looking around. But for relationship, face and appearance clearly not my basic assessment. Since high school, i don’t know why i kinda flirty with long haired and mustache guy. But i only like a guy with baby face look that have long hair and mustache or beard. The combination with those baby face and masculinity is something sexy to me.

In my entire life i just found 4 man with typical like that. I like my old senior high school crush. He had a long silky hair plus sometime when he forgot shaving, i adore his little mustache near to his lips. Sexy.

Next, I adore my husband, Denny. He is so sexy. His beard makes him look stronger and attractive. His face is quite like baby face for me. I pretty assumed that he agree to grow a beard rather than without it too. Love his character also. Back in college, my husband had ever been in long hair, but for me, his long hair not quite fit in with his figure.

Third people that i adore in a beard and long hair is Ben Barnes. i love his face surrounded by hair. Hahaha.. Cos i think his face is so general like any British men, not too typical if he’s not grow on his beard. But when he decided to have a beard complete with long hair, it’s a touchdown for me. He gorgeous. His face has its own character and mature. Sexy.

Last but not least, a great man that i adore especially with his beard and long hair is Jesus Christ. He is so cool with his image. I know He’s God and we’re not allow to messing around with God, but He is my best friend and my father too. I adore HIM and His look. I think He is the most good looking God. Although Jesus Christ’s look is built by stories, i believe it. I don’t care people judgement of His Face. Love HIM.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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