… Adore Grace Coddington over Anna Wintour ..

About a month ago, I bought September Issue DVD. It was about documentation of making the Vogue September Issue. It took about 5 month to made September Issue actually and i realize it gained so much pressure just watch it. Working in a fashion magazine surely not an easy one. Hahahaha..

As you know, Vogue Magazine is like a bible in a fashion world. Every issue made its own statement of fashion and it has big influence for fashion designer. They comment and critic designer’s collection and they make a mainstream of fashion although against coming up collection. In fashion world, Anna Wintour’s name as editor in chief Vogue Magazine probably well known instead Vogue creative director, Grace Coddington.

But I think, Vogue success was made by Grace Coddington based from that documentary. I know that Editor-in-Chief’s job is in charge in all news operation and not anymore in touch with daily operational, but more to strategic publication to the magazine. The editor reports to the publisher, sets editorial policy, makes the final decisions on article placement, acts as a public representative of the publication, manages a sometimes quite large staff and is responsible for the department budget ( quote from :Editor-in -Chief Job Description | eHow.com)

Different with creative director’s job desc. Based on docstoc.com, Creative Director is responsible marketing objectives into creative strategies, designs and plans. That’s why i adore more for Creative Director’s position because for me it’s the heart of magazine. If the creative director isn’t creative enough to translate company marketing goals, the magazine would be dry and doesn’t have their own identity as a magazine.

So, Grace Coddington has been worked in American Vogue Magazine since July 1988. Previously, she was a former model. According to Wikipedia, around the age of 17, there was a Vogue model competition, and someone submitted her pictures. She ended up winning the Young Model section. She then began her modeling career for Vogue.

At the age of 26, Grace was in car accident which left her disfigured (she lost her eyelid). She later had plastic surgery to have it reconstructed. Two years after the accident, at the age of 28, she was interviewed by British Vogue’s Editor, Beatrix Miller and she was employed as a Junior Editor. After nineteen years as Photo Editor with British Vogue,she moved to New York to work for Calvin Klein. In July 1988, she joined Anna Wintour at American Vogue, where she remains the magazine’s creative director.

These are some of the creative ideas of Grace Pennington in Vogue Magazine:

Very beautiful photo and ideas. Love her work so much. Hope she will maintain her beautiful work in fashion industry. Inspiring !!

Ledy Simanjuntak


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