.. OnePad Sucks ..

Hi Readers,

Yesterday me and my hubby went to computer expo in Plaza Medan Fair, Medan. It’s annual exhibition and release in 3 times in a year. This year is quite special for me of course because technology and computer development become such a huge cos of’ iPad. Every brand make their own pad so that was i exited about.

But at first glance this expo was disappointing. The place was such a crowd, unwell-organized and people hardly to walk because the walk space so small. So when we want to stop just for looking on something, that was the moment we would block the entire way and traffic suddenly happened.

The second disappointment was there’s no Apple booth. What the hell was that? This is computer expo, man.. Why can’t it be Apple not exist in here?

Okay, the third disappointment was there’s not much of computer tablet exploration. Just only one tablet that i found which is made from Indonesia’s brand, Zyrex called OnePad.

It was released actually before iPad, just to compete with. But after testing several times, there was a lot of flawless in OnePad. It super slow, not quite responsive with fingertips, and heavier than an iPad. The screen dimension is wider than iPad, 10 inch. But it doesn’t mean it’s better though.

It took several time of my finger to touch an icon in OnePad. Not because the icon is too small, but because of its response too suck.The thing that i know from computer tablet is it has to be responsive because there’s no actual keyboard there. Everything’s serve virtually, so response is the first thing to look out for a tablet.

Although the price is quite cheap in tablet class, IDR 3.499.000 but I’m not recommend this pad. It sucks !! Trust me..

This is Zyrex OnePad Spesification:

Prosesor Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 S5PC 100 833 Mhz
– Memory 512 MB DDR2, 16 GB iNand
– 10 inci 16:9 multi touch widescreen
– Wifi | G-Sensor
– Android 2.2
– Weight: 620 gram.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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