.. My Fashion Muse : Olivia Palermo ..

Hey Everybody,

Every women has her own fashion muse. Fashion muse is like an icon for women to get a fashion inspiration. I have some fashion muse that i adore. One of them is Olivia Palermo.

She is a socialite in United States and become a reality star in MTV called The City, a model and an actress. She is so beautiful, but i don’t like much her body though.  Too skinny. I like curvier women.

According to her wikipedia,  she is often seen on the front rows of fashion shows and has created a collection of necklaces in collaboration with Roberta Freymann. In December 2010, she was named one of the year’s best dressed people.

I love the way she dress : vintage, chic, and plain. Sometime she also look bohemian with her jewelry twist.

Here’s some of Olivia Palermo sense of style that I’m dying for :



Well, that’s it.. I hope Olivia Palermo could be your fashion muse also.. Grab her style and fuse it with your own style. Bless you..Ledy Simanjuntak



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