.. What Happened when I Googled My Self? ..

Hello Everyone,

I want to ask you one simple and also ridiculous question. Do you ever googled your self ? Well, i just did. Hahahaha.. I googled myself with two names : Gledy Simanjuntak and Ledy Simanjuntak. The result was I found my name on newsanchoradmirer.wordpress.com (which is certainly speaking about news anchor and reporter) and forumgaul.com.

And then the funny thing was i found my name in MP3 site that contain my gospel single in Batak languange, Dung Tuhan Jesus. I don’t even know where the hell those guys had my cassette and CD. I recorded my gospel album when i was in junior high school. My father challenged me to make an album and he said he dared to pay me like regular comercial singer. I couldn’t say No to my own dad. So after finished the album, he asked me to do another project. I’ve been asked to make a compilation album in Batak language. I’ve got the single, Dung Tuhan Jesus which became my video clip. Fortunately, i found my video in You Tube. Once again, i don’t who upload it. There was 5310 views in this video. Not bad !!

That wasn’t my only video though. I had another with my cousins, Icka Bella and Great. We recorded our indie album (it’s not even sold haha) when i was in senior high school. The video took place in Ancol Beach, North Jakarta. We wore tanks and one shoulder sheer tops. Our hair was like torn by the hurricane LOL. But our make up was OK. I like our make up artist. Chubby, petite, and gay i think.

After that “tragedy”, we named ourselves Phillia Namaste which means love of family. We usually sing in front of our family. Two among us already married including me, the rest still in relationship with their boyfriend.

Except my brief singing carrier, in google I also found some pictures when i was in Metro TV as a reporter. I’ve been in Metro TV for three years and resign in June  2010.

In Pekanbaru reporting Metro TV's Bday
New Year 2009 Reporting in Merdeka Walk, Medan
Imlek Reporting 2009
Idul Adha Reporting in 2009
Tobasa Trip in 2009
North Sumatra Governor Election 2008
i don't know what moment it was
Medan, 2007

My reporting in Pekanbaru also uploaded by someone named jewawe and viewed 422 times. I wore Melayu traditional wardrobe. The hardest part was I had to wear a big bun with heavy jewelry in it. But the “price” was so hurtful, cos my reporting wasn’t running well, because technical problem. The producer must cut the reporting in the middle of it while i still kept talking like a moron.

The last video is when i reported about West Sumatera Earthquake 2010. I look like a man there, because of my pony tail. I think i run out of line and i began to stutter a little bit. That’s one of my flaw.

There it this. I kinda overwhelmed actually. Thanks for the people who “accidentally” talk about me and upload my video to You Tube. It a compliment for me.

So, do you ever googled your self?

Ledy Simanjuntak



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