.. I’m Definitely a GLeek ..

Hello everyone,

Thank God I’m back after new year’s holiday.. There’s nothing much I’ve done during the holiday except cooking and home cleaning. So typical of housewife right?!. Okey, for my entrance of this year, i want to write about how much i love Glee. Do you know Glee?

Glee is a American musical comedy drama television that airs of Fox. In Indonesia, we can watch it in Star World and Fox through Indovision, YesTV, and others tv kabel. According to Wikipedia, Glee focuses on the high school glee club New Directions competing on the show choir competition circuit, while its members deal with relationships, sexuality and social issues.

I watched Glee since early 2010, last year. Actually first I was so annoyed by Glee adverts which aired in Star World over and over again. I started curious bout this “Glee” thing and presumed to buy Glee DVD series. Well, i definitely in love with the series and each of their episode. Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy as creator of Glee made musical extracurricular so much worth it.

I joined a Glee club before. Since my teacher found my musical talent, she put me in high school and compete against other school. I continually join choir and glee club until I graduated from senior high school. Beside compete with the choir, my teacher also put me in high school solo vocal competition. I was really shy girl at first. I know God give me the talent and i know since i was a child but no one put me on the competition like my teacher did.

It was so different is we got compete instead of singing in front of people without any competition. All my teenager life certainly spent with competition through competition. Competition for me made my adrenaline pump up and increase self respect. Competition is full of pressure, and thank God I could make it through.

In college, I joined gospel choir called Glorify The Lord Ensamble in Bandung. I’m still a member of Glorify until now even not actively since i moved to Medan, North Sumatera. One moment i always remember singing and praise the Lord with Glorify was Christmas Competition in 2006. Glorify came out as first champion and that was my last competition in music.

This is the video when we were practice 2 songs for the Christmas Competition in Jakarta. First song was Joy To The World (remake) and Sleigh Ride. 3 Solois is Me in Mezzosopran, Mardam in Sopran, and Endang in Alto. Joy To The World solo was insiped by Destiny’s Child.

Actually, I really miss my choir or my glee group. In Medan, i don’t find Glee club or choir that parallel to my passion in music. Well, enough about me and go back to Glee.

Right now, Glee is coming back with their second season. Before recap my favorite songs on second season, let me recap from first season. There was 22 episode from 1st season.


1. Rehab by Vocal Adrenalin (Pilot episode)

2. Say a Little Prayer For You by Quinn Fabray (Showmance Eposide)

3. Bust Your Window by Mercedez Jones (Acafellas)

4. Somebody To Love by New Direction (The Rhodes Not Taken)

5. Defying Gravity by Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry (Wheels)

6. Lean On Me by New Direction (Ballad)

7. Don’t Rain On My Parade by Rachel Berry (Sectionals)

8. Hello by Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James (Hell-O)

9. Like a Virgin by Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James;
Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester;
Finn Hudson and Santana Lopez (The Power of Madonna)

10.4 Minutes by Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones (The Power of Madonna)

11. Like a Prayer by New Direction (The Power of Madonna)

12. I Dream a Dream by Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran (Dream On)

13. Bad Romance by New Direction Female + Kurt Hummel (Theatricallity)

14. Poker Face by  Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran (Theatricality)

15. It’s A Man’s Man’s World by Quinn Fabray (Funk)

16. Give Up The Funk by New Direction (Funk)

17. Faithfully, Any Way You Want It” /
“Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin, Don’t Stop Believin by New Direction (Journey to Regionals)

18. To Sir With Love by New Direction (Journey To Regionals)


1. Empire State of Mind by New Direction (Audition)

2. Billionaire by Sam Evans (Audition)

3. Listen by Sunshine Corazon (Audition)

4. I Look To You by Mercedes Jones (Grilled Cheesus)

5. I Want to Hold Your Hand by Kurt Hummel (Grilled Cheesus)

6. Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again by Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry (Duets)

7. One Love/People Get Ready by Artie Abrams and Noah Puckerman (Never Been Kissed)

8. Teenage Dream by Dalton Academy Warblers (Never Been Kissed)

9. Start Me Up/ Livin’ on a Prayer bu New Direction Females (Never Been Kissed)

10. Forget You by Holly Holiday (Substitute)

11. Marry You by New Direction (Furt)

12. Just The Way You Are by Finn Hudson and New Direction (Furt)

13. Hey Soul Sister by  Dalton Academy Warblers (Special Education)

14. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray (Special Education)

Well that’s it !! Hope you all who love music join your own Glee club. God bless you.

Ledy Simanjuntak


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