.. Why I Love Steve Madden So Much ..

Hello Everyone,

Right now i want to talk about shoes. Yes, i am crazy bout this thing called shoes. I love shoes but (thank GOD) I’m not an addict, buying shoes without no purpose. Even, i only have one shoe to wear. I wear it until it broke and then i change with the other.

So, one of my favorite shoe designer is Steve Madden from United States. I have one of Steve Madden that i accidentally found when i was in Bandung last year. It sold at second-hand place called Babe a.k.a Barang Bekas. I bought it with very special price, not so expensive. Maybe because it have been used and the brand was not to well-known enough in Indonesia.

Since that, i always love Steve Madden shoes because the style is so chic, fashionable and also strong. I love it. This is some of Steve Madden collection from stevemadden.com

Bawgsome a.k.a big awesome !!!

Ledy Simanjuntak


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