.. Wadrobe for Ama Ina Christmas ..

Hello Everyone,

Happy Christmas to you all.. Well, this month is gonna be tons of Christmas celebration including at churches, hotels, offices, and clubs.  Absolutely my church, HKBP Pengembangan, invited me to sing on Ama Ina Christmas Celebration on Dec 20. Ama Ina is a batak languange for parents. Ama is refer to a Father and Ina’s refer to a Mother. So, since i am already married and become Mrs. Sitohang, yes i officially invited to Ama Ina Celebration.

Well, actually i was quite confused for what i gonna wearing. Am i supposed to wear a dress with a long skirt or a kebaya? So, i decided to put on a red dress with long skirt and shawl. But unfortunately, i was the only one woman who wearing a dress among mothers who wore kebaya. I was little bit embarrassed at first time, but immediately my confidence came up and i kind a don’t care about it.

To complete my appearance that night, i wore a gold bracelet, diamond earings, and black hair accessories. I just pull off my hair with a simple up-do and then put a pink make up to pump up the entire look.

Well, that’s it.. I was grateful to sing and praise the Lord Hope i’m not only done in my appearance but also in praising the Lord. Amen..

Ledy Simanjuntak


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